Baywatch isn’t Real promos

Posted: September 29, 1996 in Video Samples

These promos are seriously dating myself, but are the first ones that helped me gain some recognition.  They won some awards and caused the phones to ring with a few complaints.  So I might as well include them in my portfolio.

Back when Baywatch was in its heyday, you would hear a lot of criticism that it wasn’t realistic and there were too many “hot girls”, etc.  I remember thinking to myself, “that’s why we watch shows like that”.  What if they did put real people in those roles.  So I decided to do a series of promos based on that idea, telling the viewers it was okay to watch…we know it’s not realistic.  And it’s okay to want to watch a show with pretty people.




As I mentioned, we did get some negative feedback from these promos, even though the ratings remained solid.  Two samples of this feedback are below.  This first one was from a section in the local newspaper where people could tell what made them made this past week…

This second sample was a letter we received…even though it was from somebody who lived in the Tampa market and not Orlando.  I know many consider these a positive in away.  It means people are noticing the ads, and talking about them.  Like the saying, “There no such thing as bad publicity.


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