TV Station Interactive CD

Posted: September 30, 2000 in Miscellaneous

Back when the internet was still pretty fresh, and CD-ROMS were just being introduced as an alternative to floppy discs and Zip Drives, I announced I wanted to do something different that year.  Instead of producing the annual Sales Tape that talked about the new fall season on VHS, I wanted to distribute it as a video file on a CD-ROM, along with games, and other fun things.  No other TV stations were doing anything like this at the time.  It would be the equivalent of the first TV station that put an iphone app out there.

As I mentioned, the original goal was to distribute this to clients, as a Sales Tape replacement (even though we probably sent them out together).  But it was so well received, we also started distributing it to viewers as well.  We gave them away in gift packs and at events.

I wanted this to be a CD-ROM that you could play in your computer, but also a CD you could play music from on your player.  We also had some “Easter Eggs” on the disc.  If somebody found them, they would win a WB18 T-shirt.  It was fun to see which clients found them, because it told us that they were exploring this disc.

Of course, I can’t take all the credit.  I don’t know how to build these on my own.  I just know what I wanted it to do.  I had hired a company called CGS Advertising Group to help me put it together.

It won a few awards too.


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