Just Shoot Me Promotion Committee

Posted: September 29, 2001 in Kudos
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When Sony (Columbia TriStar at the time) was about to launch Just Shoot Me into syndication, they called on Promotion Directors from 13 different TV markets to help advise them on what local stations need to help promote this show when it hits their stations.  I was one of the 13.

Below is an article about it that appeared in Electronic Media.  I highlighted a section that involved one of the points I presented to them about not needing slick packages…I just wanted promos that would make the viewers laugh.  I made this statement because of the previous year’s syndicated launch of Spin City (from a different distributor).  They had spent a lot of time and money, coming up with these slick looking promos…but they didn’t say much about the show and didn’t make anybody laugh.  I thought, “what a lost opportunity, and a waist of money”.  Make somebody laugh, and they will check it out.


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