“7-10 Split” Campaign for That ’70s Show

Posted: October 3, 2002 in Campaigns, Contest Promos, Video Samples
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I like this campaign.  The idea was suggested by one of my Sales Manager’s who cracked a joke about That ’70s Show being on at 7 and 10.  “7-10 Split” he says.  “There’s your promo”, he said as he laughed and walked away.  It was the promo.  I quickly searched for bowling clips and came up with the initial promo.



We were approaching our first ratings sweep while having the show as part of our lineup, and we wanted to do a big contest.  The natural tie-in would be to do something revolving around bowling.   We contacted a local bowling alley, who jumped all over the idea, and had a few of their own suggestions.  They formed a “70s Show Bowling Leage” and asked for us to design a Bowling shirt that all participants would get.  Bonus!  Hundreds of people suddenly were helping us promote the show while bowling.


For the most part, the first part of the contest was a “watch & win”.  All winners would then have to bowl for the big prize.  During the competition, anybody in the whole bowling alley that got a 7-10 split, also got a nice prize pack.


Before we had this idea, I thought it would be fun to give away a car from the 1970s.  Why not a “Vista Cruiser” like the one Eric Foreman in the show drives.   I actually found one & won it on eBay.  I had to drive from Dayton to Indianapolis to get it.  There’s a whole other funny story there (hire me and I’ll tell you about it).  This would end up being the grand prize the winner’s bowled for.


The shirts seemed to be very popular during the campaign.  Everybody was asking us for one.  So we thought we would go ahead and sell them on our website.  This promo was the one we made to let people know about the sale.

Overall, this was a fun one.  And one that made sense with clients that were tied in.  The people that won and participated seemed to like it too.


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