Fart Campaign

Posted: October 7, 2005 in Campaigns, Contest Promos, Video Samples
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Even though the title of this campaign is pushing the envelope a little, the actual spots are mostly harmless.  And we didn’t say the word “fart” in any of the spots.  But it isn’t your normal local TV station campaign, and it was designed to get peoples attention and hopefully laugh. After all, it is all about the comedies we had on the air.


The next phase of this campaign was to give out prizes that tied into the gas theme. To kick off our idea, I had whoopie cushions designed as a promotional item for the station. Get it? A gag item that makes people laugh, and also makes a fart noise.


The next few spots are some of the people that entered the contest. The whole goal was for it to go semi-viral before there really was any social media out there. People would tell their friends to watch, and everybody had a chance to win something. You would just have to watch to see if you new the person.




Overall it worked. Our ratings did well that sweep. People had fun participating, and it accomplished what we set out to do. Plus it won an Addy award.


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