Prom Promotion: I want to go to the Prom with you…on the CW

Posted: April 14, 2007 in Contest Promos
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The Sales Department asked me to come up with a Prom Promotion that they could tie-in their clients to.   My thinking here was that High School kids, might like to see themselves on TV.  Why not have somebody ask their date to the Prom on TV?  They people that would do it would be sure to spread the word to watch for themselves, and maybe get some new eyes on our channel.  The people that do it all had a chance at getting a portion or all of their Prom paid for by our sponsored clients.  Below are the different phases.
Phase 1 – Solicit Participants


Phase 2 – Watch to See if You will be Asked


Phase 3 – People Asking Question – Guy Participant


Phase 3 – People Asking Question – Girl Participant

I tried this promotion at 2 different stations, and both times it worked well.  But you have to get the Sales Team to work with you on it, and not get sponsors that have nothing to do with Prom time.  I was surprised by the amount of females that wanted to ask their dates to the Prom on TV.  Only 1 guy entered the last year I did this.



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