Telephone Hold Messages

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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No matter where I was based, I took advantage of the hold button on the TV Station’s Phone system.  Whether it was a viewer or a client calling, why waist the opportunity to play an ad for them.  Most people are on hold for 10-seconds.  I made sure each hold message was about that long.  I usually had a 1-minute loop produced, with a total of 4 messages.

Here is a sample one from the duopoly in Albuquerque.  Each station voice had 2 messages:

I’ve done it a couple ways in the past too.  Sometimes it was a different message every week day with one for the weekend.  Sometimes I did just one message per week.

I did include client related station promotions along in these (watch a show win a burger type thing), which was great when the client called, and heard their message.

At my last station, we used an iPod Nano put on continuous loop.  It worked perfectly.

Back in 2004, the WB Network noticed that I did this, and highlighted in one of their weekly publications to other CSDs.

hold message highlight


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