News Sweeps Promotion – Where’s Bud?

Posted: July 8, 2012 in News Promos, Video Samples
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This was a sweeps promotion campaign we came up with that focused on our 10pm News anchor. We had him go to local businesses and take over their job for the day, and did a story on it. Then aired the series during a sweep. It received press, and the businesses all promoted that they could see Bud doing their job on the news. Worked out well.  This first promo was the “call to action” promo, asking for people who wanted to have Bud come do their job for the day…


The entries we received were a wide variety.  From School Crossing Guards, to Circque du Soleil acrobats.  The viewers enjoyed seeing where Bud was going to go next.  Here are a few of them…



And of course we weren’t going to reject the submission from the “radio show phone call screener” who wanted Bud to take over for him.  Nothing like free publicity.


We produced a fun radio spot to help get the word out about this promotion.  This was around the time of the famous “Wassup!” Budweiser commercial, and there were a lot of spoofs that were generated from it.  Plus, we had the natural tie-in with the name “Bud”.


The Newspaper did a quick blurb on the Promotional Campaign…


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