Friends & Seinfeld Combos

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Combo Promos, Video Samples
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At the time this promo was produced, Friends & Seinfeld were the hottest shows in syndication.  We needed an idea to promote the combo during the upcoming sweeps.  As most people know, a lot of stunting goes on in the sweeps, and sex/nakedness in promos is usually used.  Keeping that in mind, during a staff brainstorm session, we decided to just come out and just say we are doing a naked stunt, and make a spot using clips from the cast mentioning being naked.  One of our promo producers came up with the slogan “Grin & Bare it”.  Another Promo Producer pulled the clips and put them together.

This is one we got a lot of attention on at award shows, and at Promax, etc.  It inspired us to do a whole series of similar Friends & Seinfeld combos.


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