Friends & Seinfeld: Bathroom Humor Campaign

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Campaigns, Video Samples
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This campaign was created to highlight two of the current top comedies on our station, Friends & Seinfeld.  At the time, when each sweep period rolled around, we came up with a new way to promote these two shows.  This idea was based on two ideas.  1) For the most part, these two comedies didn’t rely on “bathroom humor” to get a laugh.  2) We wanted to push the envelope a little to get some attention.  The end result was 3 different on-air spots (plus radio spots) that highlighted the cast members talking about the various stages of going to the bathroom.

As you will see, if you play all of the spots, we had a “poop” version, a “pee” version and we also did a combo one.

When we launched this campaign, we also sent out press-releases to all local media (newspapers & radio stations).  The press release was attached to a toilet seat, with images of the cast members laminated on the seat.

This campaign first ran on the Orlando station I worked at, then it was later updated graphically and run in the Albuquerque market as well.

Overall, it accomplished what we intended it to do, and usually still gets a laugh from the viewer to this day if they are not offended by the topic.


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