Video Contest – Keep it Local

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Contest Promos, Video Samples
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I’ve done “send in your own video” type contests in the past.  Honestly, you usually won’t get a lot of entries.  But in this case, we had just enough, and most of the entries were actually pretty good.  I initiated this version of the video contest to coincide with the launch of our station’s Keep it Local campaign.  We had promised to put more locals on TV and this was one way of doing it.

We told our viewers they could have a shot at $1000, if they made a funny promo about one of our comedies.  They had 3 rules to follow:  Name the Comedy, Tell What Time it airs on our station, and use our logo.  Anything else goes.

Below are the different stages:


Phase 1 – Call To Action
This promo basically just introduced the concept and invited our viewers to participate.


Phase 2 – Some of the Entries so far
A week or so later, we had a few entries in, and wanted to show them to the viewers that might be still thinking about entering, and maybe saying “I could do better than that”.  We did post all of the entries online at the time.


Phase 3 – The Winner Announcement
In this promo, we announced the winner and showed a clip of the winning video.


Phase 4 – Winner’s Full Video
This was the full entry by the winner.  In order for us to broadcast it, we did have to change out the music on his entry.  We hosted it online, and did schedule some air time for the full length video.

Like I said above, these types of contests never get a huge response.  But this one turned out okay.  And we did keep our promise to the viewers that we would put more of them on TV.


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