News Personality Campaign – Get to Know Bud

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Campaigns, News Promos, Video Samples
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This “Get to Know” campaign was a very successful campaign I came up with for our news anchor, Bud Hedinger.

Bud was already an established News Anchor , who had worked at two other stations in the Orlando Market already before he got to us.  He had been in the business for awhile and was asked to guest speak at many local functions.  Whenever I attended these functions, he always killed with a fun little “behind-the-scenes” story that happened to him at some point in his broadcasting career.  I noticed a few things: 1)  People loved these stories.  2) He had a lot of them.  3) They established him as a broadcast guy.  4) They made him more human.

In short, I was getting to know him with each of these little stories.  And when you feel like you know that person on TV, you tend to watch them more than a stranger.  So it was time for me to get the Central Florida Viewers to “Get To Know Bud” beyond those little luncheons.

We first introduced the campaign by cutting together several on-air spots that featured some of those stories.  Luckily he did indeed have a lot of them.




We even made a few into radio spots…



This campaign really did work.  People were quoting the stories, and asking for more.  Here’s a POP promo, that showed the public’s response.  And it wasn’t that hard to track down people on the street to use.  They all knew the promos and the stories, and liked them.


Bud appeared as a guest on a few morning radio shows to talk about the stories, and the local paper did a story on him because of the campaign


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