Top Model Casting Call

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Events
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We did a Top Model Casting Call at a local shopping Mall.  When you do these types of events, you never know how the turn out will be.  In this case, it was overwhelming how many people showed up.  Almost our entire staff was there to handle the crowd.  We anticipated being wrapped up by 7pm.  We were done by 2am!

I was able to pull aside the Marketing Director for the Mall to do a little interview about what he thought about the event…

After the event was over, we spent the next week, editing all of the videos  and shipping everything out to the Producers of the show before the deadline.

We did this event a few times over the years.  This one was the largest turn out.  Nobody from this casting call actually made it on to the show.   Since the show premiered, there have only been 2 girls from New Mexico that made it onto Top Model.  One of them was on the show at the time this casting call was taking place.

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