Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi – Meet & Greet

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Events
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Sony announced they were going to do a contest.  Stations that carried the show Seinfeld, were requested to send in a Seinfeld promo they had created.  The stations with the best promos would be rewarded with a visit from actor Larry Thomas (played “The Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld) on a country-wide promotional tour in the Seinfeld Food Truck.

I submitted a campaign we had done called The Laugh Pack, which promoted Friends & Seinfeld as a block.  At the Promax Station Summit, they announced that my station, as well as a couple others (Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia) would be recipients of the prize.

We decided to turn this market visit into a station event.  I involved the Sales Department, and we did 2 parts to his visit.  1) a VIP station visit, and 2) a visit at a client location (in this case it was Mercedes Benz of Albuquerque)

We teased that he was coming with some fun Facebook announcements, and an on-air promo.  Then once we had the client location locked down, we put another promo on the air to show where people should go.

I also took advantage of Facebook ads ability to target specific people and placed to ads that were aimed specifically for people in our market that listed Seinfeld as a favorite TV show.

Then we crossed our fingers and hoped for a good turn out.

We set up a make-shift “outdoor cafe” in front of our station, first thing in the morning.  And we invited some of our clients that we knew were Seinfeld fans.  We hired a chef to make some breakfast for the visitors, and Larry Thomas posed for pictures with all of our VIP guests and staff.  We did a short interview with our station VJ, then he headed out to the client location.


When we arrived at the event, there were already about 1000 people in line to meet him.  Larry was only scheduled to do a 2-hour visit.  We cut off the line about an hour into it, and he stayed for 2.5 hours until all of those people were seen, but we were constantly turning people away that were arriving after the cut off.  We estimate about 2,500 – 3,000 came to our client’s location.  They were very happy with the turn out.

Over all, this was a fun, promotional event.  I’d love to do more of these.


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