Sales Presentations – Local TV stations

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Sales Presentations, Video Samples
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Back in the day, these were called Sales Tapes.  Actually, I still here people call these Sales Tapes.   But I haven’t put these on tape for close to 10 years.

Each year at the TV stations, we would spend a few long days during the summer to put together a presentation that showed off the station’s new fall lineup.  In some cases these were presented at a Fall Party, where invited clients attended.  In other cases, it was distributed on DVDs, tapes, and now online.

The first sample is one I personally wrote and edited.  I also incorporated in some network segments that were already edited, but put our local station voice in to make it appear to be one solid piece.


This next one was a few years later, and at a different TV station…but very similar. I wrote the script for this, but had somebody else edit it.   Again, this included footage from the network that was already edited down.



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