Game Show Pilot

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Video Samples

The owners of the Springfield station I worked at, where toying around with the idea of possibly producing our own weekly (perhaps even weekday strip) game show that would tie-in to the game show app that we had developed for a syndicated game show.  We knew going in that there was little chance this would go to air.  We weren’t given a budget at all.  We had to use existing sets.  Everything is completely staged and scripted.  We were just testing out a few concepts and what road blocks or things we would need to invest it if anything like this were possible.

I rallied the team and tried to produce this while not letting it interfere with my normal daily duties.  We all had fun putting it together.

Go ahead and watch:


To the savvy game show expert out there, I’m sure you saw a few games that were “borrowed” from other game shows (Street Smarts & Remote Control).  Again, we were just in testing mode.  If we ever got to air with this, some of the games would have to be changed.  Not a bad concept in my own opinion.  It would be something I’d watch, especially if I knew it was local.

BTW, I’m the one that is playing the winning contestant.


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