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Posted: August 1, 2013 in Campaigns, Video Samples
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In Sprinfield, KRBK was a fairly new station.  During one Fall Launch period, we didn’t get any “new” shows to launch.  But, we were getting a good number of established shows that were moving to our station.  So I initiated a set of promos and ads that focused on the move.  Below are some of the samples:

This first example was the one that “announced” the shows moving and was the first to hit the air.  It’s pretty basic, but gets the message out there:


TMZ was one of the shows moving to the station, and since the show is all about gossip, I thought it would be kind of fun to make the story about all of these shows moving to our station as part of the gossip.  We were able to get a couple of the personalities on TMZ to read a few lines for us, and we edited in to TMZ provided “moving” promo (TMZ built a moving promo for stations that were moving it to a new time period):


I also incorporated it into our Ambush campaign and had one of our local personalities ask people to memorize some of the shows that were moving over.  The times weren’t discussed at this stage.  We just wanted people to know where their favorite shows were going to be moving:

Other elements of the “moving campaign” included some online ads, such as this Skyscraper web ad that appeared in various locations, including our station’s weekly newsletter:


We also bought Facebook ads that directly targeted viewers in our DMA that had stated on Facebook that they “liked” these shows in particular:


TMZ Ad exampleMaury & Steve Ads






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