Preview Promotion

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Contest Promos, Video Samples
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This promotion was something I’ve done in three of my markets and it worked every time rather well.  In fact, both Fox and the CW had our station present this idea to other affiliates as a model idea.

This video was produced for the CW Apex Awards to help show off the concept:

Like it said in the video,  I found that it works best to give away free food.  That’s when we get the bigger response.  Free food appeals to everybody.  But almost every time I’ve done this, Sales does try to sneak a random client that isn’t giving away free food (Pole Dancer Work Out Class, Animal Petting Farm, etc).  There is absolutely no tie to the show, and the sales person will always swear it will do well…and it doesn’t.  So far, just free food works.  Maybe if something cool tied into the show that’s being previewed, or the demo of the audience for the show, but I’m hear to tell you…it’s free food that works on this one.


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