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Posted: October 1, 2013 in Sports promos
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The Fox station I was at in Springfield (Card Country) was getting ready to broadcast the World Series which featured The Cardinals.  Our little station went on the air just a few years ago, and now we were broadcasting the local Baseball team in the World Series, and in just a few months, we were going to have the Super Bowl and then NASCAR was going to be back.  We just wanted to put a promo on the air that showed that we were airing some pretty good sporting events.  A kind of “look at us now” type of thing to get the image into locals heads that we were the real deal now.


Later, when we found out Mizzou was in the Cotton Bowl, we adapted the promo and inserted them in and replaced the Cardinals.

The print artwork below was what we supplied to a printer to be used as a Table Tent ad in several Sports Bars around town.  I can’t find an actual finished picture of the table tent.  But you would have seen some additional text at the bottom for a 3rd party sponsor with a message about drinking and driving.

KRBK - Tent Sports Art


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