Combos with Station Spokesperson

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Combo Promos, Video Samples
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My station in Springfield started using a local personality called the “FOX KRBK Girl”.  We had her at events and making minor announcements on the air.  I wanted to do more with her so she would be more recognizable.  The result was 2 promos below, where we put her in every do situations where she would be in front of the public and try to get them to try out our shows.

This first version, she was playing the part of one of those people you see at Costco or Sam’s where the person tries to get you to sample some food.  In this promo, she is trying to get people “shopping around for a show” to sample one of our conflict talk shows:


In the second version, we put her in a “fast food” setting where it’s common to order a combo.  In this one she recommends the “entertainment combo” that includes 3 of our “hollywood gossip” shows.  We did get the personalities of each show to contribute a line as well:

I kind of compared this series to commercials you see for Progressive with Flo.



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