Super Bowl Contest

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Contest Promos, Video Samples
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Since you don’t really need to have a promotion to get people to watch The Super Bowl, we still didn’t want the opportunity of having a Super Bowl on our station slip away.  We wanted to do two things here: 1) We wanted people to turn on the station earlier in the day and keep us on for all of Super Bowl Sunday.    2)  Since this would be the day that we would potentially have the most eyes on our screen, we wanted to do something big that would translate that into “likes” on our Facebook page and get these people into our database.

So we came up with a contest that would be fairly simple.  We would giveaway iPad minis every hour leading up to the game.  The viewers had to look for the secret word and enter it online.  To cut through the clutter, we decided to put 3 of our on-air personalities into a setting that most of the viewers would be in…gathered in front of the TV getting ready to watch the game.  Another element of the contest we thought made it kind of fun was something that came up in the planning stages.

As you probably know, there are many restrictions on what clients can be tied into the game and how it’s mentioned…even for stations airing the game.  For example, iPad is not an official Super Bowl sponsor.  Even though this contest was for our station and it wasn’t during The Super Bowl, we were told we couldn’t say the words “Super Bowl” when talking about this contest.  Then we were told it would probably be a good idea not to mention the world “iPad” either.  So how do you cut a promo telling people they can win a cool prize without mentioning the prize?  And how do you tell people when to watch if you can’t mention the specific game?  You call it “The Big Game Mini-Tablet Sweepstakes” and poke fun of the fact you can’t mention these things.  The result were this series of promos and on-air segments:

This Sunday version:


Tomorrow version:

When it came time for the contest to begin, we continued to feature the 3 on-air personalities getting ready to watch the game.  During each segment that popped up, we pretended to catch them off-guard talking about the station or one of the shows (our way of sneaking another message about the station into the mix).  We also continued to poke fun of the fact we couldn’t mention “Super Bowl” or “iPad”.  And used secret words that had some tie to those words.  Some of these are telling people that the “secret word” is coming.  And others are revealing what that “secret word” is:

Hour One:




Hour Two:




Hour Three:



Hour Four:


Hour Five:


Hour Six:



We also bought online ads to support the contest that would appear in our demo


600 x 225 Banner Sunday








728 x 90 Banner Today

336 x 280 Banner Today

160 x 600 Banner Today


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