10 Minute News Launch

Posted: May 1, 2014 in News Promos, Video Samples
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The Fox station I was at was still very young.  We had launched hourly “News Breaks” (2 minutes long) a year earlier.  But we were growing.  Now we were going to 10-minute newscasts every weeknight at 9.  And we wanted to promote that fact.  But we didn’t want to focus completely on the 10 minute part.  So the following promos were designed to announce the “expanded newscast” due to the popularity we had, and show the News Team appearing to different types of people who were surprised to see this Newscast in their home.  They all decide to give it “10 minutes” and check it out.

Here is one that focuses on a Mother and what she might be doing around 9pm when the Newcast is on:


This next one is about a common man in his 40s, and what he might be doing around 9pm:


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