News Open Test

Posted: May 2, 2015 in News Promos
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The Fox affiliate I was working at in Springfrield asked me to help out with the rebranding of their news product as we advanced from a “newsbreak” station to a 10-minute newscast.  Here was one of the tests of the news open as we were getting ready to launch the new look:

Not long after we were creating this open, our owner decided to change up the logo and give it a Fox O & O look.  I did plenty of research and talked to many graphic artists and companies that helped build this graphic look for other affiliates, and found the cost of hiring an outside company to do it was about $20,000 or more.  I went to a site that had some pre-built elements for after-effects and bought a few for about $40, and had my team just build it ourselves.

Here is a full 10-minute news broadcast, but I mainly just wanted you to see the full open and other graphic elements in it:


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