Light Rail Ads

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Unusual Ads

In the fall of 2015, while working for the CW affiliate in the Twin Cities area, I was contacted by a company called Intersection that was installing a bunch of ad display units on the light rail platforms.  The ads were about 15-seconds each and were silent.

We ran ads supporting our Monday & Tuesday prime time lineups (CW’s priority nights at the time) and we received co-op money from the network in support.  They started going up in November, and installation was complete by January 1st.  It’s hard to say if they had a direct impact on our ratings, but I like any added exposure in settings like this.  I think when the public is exposed to your shows in settings like this, it just ads credibility to the programs being supported.  I thought they looked nice and would consider them again.



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