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Clear Channel Outdoor approached me as we were planning our Fall buy, and they wanted me to help make use of a feature that they were having trouble getting other local businesses to utilize without seeing examples.  They said if any of their clients was apt to make good use of it, it was me.  Maybe they were just complimenting me to get on the buy, but I still liked the challenge and thought it worked pretty nicely.

The feature was a part of their digital ads.  They wanted to do something that would show off that they could do updates fast at any point in the day and feature “semi-live” quotes from Facebook and Twitter on their boards.Jane Pezzino











I decided to tie in an idea to help launch BIG BANG THEORY on our weeknight lineup.

The goal was to get people to post on Facebook who their favorite character on the show was, and we would include their quote on one of the many billboards around town.  The thought process was, that if they posted something about the show on their Facebook…their friends would all see it.  Then we would quickly post their quote on the billboard and send them a photo like this one pictured, and tell them that their photo, name and quote is on a billboard, that they would share that info online as well, and everybody would see our ad.

Here are some clearer pictures of some of the ads that went up:


We had a page on our website that explained what we were doing, and formatted the sentence so it was structured in a way that kept them all similar, but still were personal to the user.