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Light Rail Ads

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Unusual Ads

In the fall of 2015, while working for the CW affiliate in the Twin Cities area, I was contacted by a company called Intersection that was installing a bunch of ad display units on the light rail platforms.  The ads were about 15-seconds each and were silent.

We ran ads supporting our Monday & Tuesday prime time lineups (CW’s priority nights at the time) and we received co-op money from the network in support.  They started going up in November, and installation was complete by January 1st.  It’s hard to say if they had a direct impact on our ratings, but I like any added exposure in settings like this.  I think when the public is exposed to your shows in settings like this, it just ads credibility to the programs being supported.  I thought they looked nice and would consider them again.



Stadium Ads

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Outdoor Samples, Unusual Ads

I was looking to do some unusual ads.  I ended up doing a partnership with the Albuquerque Public School’s Athletic Department.  The city only has 2 football fields for high school football, and all High Schools share these fields.  I thought this was a great opportunity to hit a lot of the young people and their families.  They let me paint the entire side to the bleachers/stadium at the main entrance to brand it to the colors and fonts of our station look…

Then throughout the year,

We updated the paint job from time to time too…

We used these ads at the Stadium as a backdrop in some of our other promos too…

Keep it Local – Stadium from Chris Iller on Vimeo.