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Rules of Engagement Radio Launch

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Radio Samples

I wanted to showcase this example for a radio spot, because I had to get a little creative.   When it came time to place our radio buy for the launch of RULES OF ENGAGEMENT in syndication, I knew the launch date, and knew I wanted to probably make a custom spot, but wasn’t sure what was going to be supplied.  So the buy was placed with each spot expected to be 60-seconds long.

Then a month later, I found out that Sony was only supplying 15-second episodic radio spots.  No Launch spots.  That’s okay.  I wanted to do a custom spot anyway and tie in our popular Keep It Local Campaign.

Then I remembered that Sony gave us the opportunity early in the year to send out custom lines to the cast members.  So I took those liners from several of the cast members, and made it sound like they were interacting with our voice-guy, and it lead into the episodic promos.

The end result was a nice spot that worked.   And it was updated each day during the buy to include the episodic information for the episode that aired that day.