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In Albuquerque, we had a MyNetworkTV affiliate called My50-TV.  Half of the line-up was either 2nd run/off-network programming (Reno 911, Family Guy, King of Queens, etc).  The other half was conflict talk (Springer, Maury, etc) or Court Shows.  Nothing local about this station.  I wanted to create a local spokesperson for the station to host the lineup.

It’s not exactly a new idea.  But the concept I had in mind Tool Time Girlcame from 2 places.  The first was Tampa.  There was a local TV station there, back when Home Improvement was the hot show in syndication, that held auditions for a local Tool Time Girl.  She would be in parades and do local appearances (a local face for the station).

MTV VJ The second place was MTV.  If you remember the early days of MTV (back when they played music), you remember the VJs.  You probably still remember their names.  I wanted to recreate the VJ at the local level.  But instead of seeing the VJs pop up inbetween music videos, you would see them during the commercial breaks of TV shows.

I was also picturing it kind of like a TV version of what radio does.  A local radio station, plays non-local music, but they make the station local by their commentary in between the songs.  You probably know the personalities from some of your local stations right?  These “DJs” give local updates (news, weather traffic) on the radio, but in a fun way.  Why couldn’t that be recreated on TV?

Other local stations started recently doing something similar to this idea.  Fox stations call it “The Face of Fox”.  CW stations call it the “CW star”.  I liked VJ.

Belt Buckle-notice panelSince the station skewed towards the Men 18-49 demo, we leaned towards having a female VJ.  We wanted her to host the 6pm – 10pm block, and had to make room (from promotions & sales inventory) for these segments to air.  We had some discussions on what the VJ would wear.  In most cases, we told the VJ to pick her own clothes, but they had to have the colors of the logo (blue, grey, black or white).  Had a few clothing sponsors tied to it as well.  But the one thing she had to wear  at all times was a My50-TV Belt Buckle.   And the VJ gig would only last 1 year.  The goal was to be humorous & entertaining to be an alternate choice to the traditional News channels.

Here are some highlights from the entire year of one of our VJs…

As I mentioned earlier, I pictured these as radio style.  When we started off with the concept, almost all of the segments were done in the studio and done in front of a green screen (except for client related segments – details below).  The VJ would talk about the show they were watching, give trivia, tease what was coming next, give away tickets to movie screenings, crack jokes, etc.  Later we also introduced the VJ Booth set.  This was a radio style booth, where VJs would take calls, and give away prizes.

Later we started going out of the studio once or twice a week.  These usually took more time to shoot & edit.  But they usually were more entertaining.  A couple of the reoccurring bits, were called “VJ Walking” & “Dare the VJ”.

But we also did interviews with visiting celebs or via satellite

This one was with Jerry Springer to help promote Baggage.

Dan Akyroyd came to town to sell his Crystal Skull Vodka.

The Soup Nazi Seinfeld promotional tour.

Or sometimes, we would just go out and learn something new, like this video where the VJ learned about intense frisbee games that were going on in town…

The VJ also hosted the lineup from some of our client locations.  The sales team would approach clients, and sell them a VJ package that would include the VJ coming by their location and shooting several segments where she would interview them, do a demonstration, taste some food, etc.  Here are a few examples..

VJ visits a local hamburger place

VJ talks to Pizza Hut about their local charity initiative

VJ talks with local police recruiter

VJ goes to a new nightclub in town

And of course, we would use the VJ to promote our shows with long form segments.  In this first sample, we wanted to help launch, Punk’d into syndication on our station, so we Punk’d our VJ.

One of our VJs wanted to spoof the annoying “Friday Friday” song that went viral that year and did a “Weekdays Weekdays” version promoting our conflict talk show block.

Or just ambushing people on the street and giving out prizes if they knew our lineup.

Each year we evolved it a bit more, and were doing other promotion events that people would show up for (ski weekends, sporting event meet ups, etc.)  In the most recent year, we went a little more edgy and the VJ we used was modeled after some of the things we saw on the cable channel G4, and had her do things a “shock jock” might do.  It fit right in with the programming, and I think it worked, on getting some attention.   Here was her intro promo.

And her year in review…

In fact, people voted for her (Amber Pohl) as their favorite TV personality in the Best of the City poll that Albuquerque the Magazine, does each year.  She came in 3rd place, beating out all personalities on the local CBS & Fox affiliates.
Best ofNot bad for the little underdog station with no local News.

I could see this format going in a few directions.  Everything was pre-taped.  But I think the in-studio segments could have been done live if we had all the right tools.  Like a radio station, I could see there being a VJ for every daypart.  Another one for the weekends.

Overall, I like this idea.  I think it we were doing something you don’t see much of on local TV…humor & fun.   I’d actually like to see more stations go this route.


My current station is a CW affiliate.  What’s hot on the CW?  The superhero shows!  We’ve got Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Adventures of Tomorrow.   If you want to go a step further and add some of their other comic book related shows, you’ve got iZombie and Riverdale.

Why not capitalize off this branding and identify the whole station with a “comic book” style look.  We are currently a few stages in, but plan on doing more.  Here are a few examples of things you would see throughout the day, including legal IDs, show combos and line-up spots:


Legal ID

Game Show Combo


Comedy Combo


Menu Lineups

I’ll post additional ones as we get finished with them.

This past year, I helped organize a Car Giveaway promotion, that ended up being awesome.  A local car dealership announced they wanted to do a car giveaway, and wanted a radio partner to give one a way, and a TV partner to give the other away.  I cooked up an idea that they really liked, and our station became the partner.

The concept is fairly simple, but there were a lot of moving elements.  The client was a Mitsubishi dealership, and one of the models they were pushing as the “Lancer”.  One of our hot shows at the moment was season 1 of The Flash.  We got permission to wrap a Lancer with Flash creative, and essentially make it a moving billboard (we had to have the show’s logo, our station logo and the time you could watch it on the wrap).  We wanted the design of the wrap to be something a fan of the show would love to have on their car.

Flash Lancer

We called it, the “Flash Lancer” (get it?  Flash Dancer?  maybe to ’80s of a reference).

This promotion was kind of a “summer promotion”.  It kicked off in May and we would have it parked at several pre-established station promotions and car dealership promotions throughout the summer and tell our viewers to come out to these events and register to win the car in person.  I was also able to get it parked at several other “unplanned” events as well.

Viewers could always enter online, or go down to the dealership to enter as well.

At the end of each of the planned events, we would pick a finalist (which encouraged people to go to those specific events.  In the end there would be 5 finalists, 4 of them from events, and 1 from the internet.Car Locations

We would give the car away to one of those 5 finalists on-the-air during the season premiere of The Flash in early October.

The FlashThe even kicked off with the car making an appearance at Wizard World Comic Con at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  But we were also given the opportunity to drive it into the Mall of America‘s Rotunda for a “Kick off the Con” event the night before.

At the Wizard World Comic Con, we encouraged people to get a picture of the car with them in it and use the hashtag #RBmitsuFlashLancer to get free Flash Swag.  You can find the Twitter feed of those hashtags here.

At most of these events, we had a local cosplay person dress up in a custom made “Flash” costume to greet the fans of the show.

One of the pre-planned events included two “Test Drive” events, where we encouraged viewers to come down to the dealership and test drive any car (including the Flash Lancer) get entered to win the car, and get free Flash swag, as well as ending up in a TV commercial

After the Test Drive Events were over, we would air a commercial that “thanked” everybody for coming out to the event.  Of course, we also posted these on Social Media, and tagged everybody, including the client.  That made sure this promotion was sure to be seen by even more people.

At the end of the Summer, we gather all 5 finalists and shot some video with them, and went over the rules for the final event.  We then aired this promo leading up to the announcement.

The final event went very well.  It wasn’t live, but it was shot a few hours before it aired.  We were able to squeeze it in just before the Season premiere started during the end break of the access show.  Local inventory was tight during the premiere.

This ended up being a really good promotion for the station, and the client loved it and they hope to do another one of these with us.  Maybe a Supergirl Car?  They ended up cutting the radio car giveaway short, and loved ours because “it had legs” and gave them almost 6 months of promotional exposure.

One of the neat things that happened after the promotion was over that put a nice neat little bow on it was what the winner did with his car.  He registered himself as a Uber Driver, and gave himself a Twitter Handle.  Now he drives the car around town as a taxi service, and continues to promote the show.  Sweet!

There are many more details to this promotion I didn’t go into here.  But if you want to see the presentation or know more about it, just let me know.




Game Show Combo

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In the promo, I combined traditional clips from both shows, with custom recorded lines from the game show hosts.   And the direction I took in this promo was to very subtly discredit game shows that target old people (Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy) and play up the fact that these game shows have some adult humor in them.

In the end, it’s a nice spot, that does the trick.

News Open Test

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The Fox affiliate I was working at in Springfrield asked me to help out with the rebranding of their news product as we advanced from a “newsbreak” station to a 10-minute newscast.  Here was one of the tests of the news open as we were getting ready to launch the new look:

Not long after we were creating this open, our owner decided to change up the logo and give it a Fox O & O look.  I did plenty of research and talked to many graphic artists and companies that helped build this graphic look for other affiliates, and found the cost of hiring an outside company to do it was about $20,000 or more.  I went to a site that had some pre-built elements for after-effects and bought a few for about $40, and had my team just build it ourselves.

Here is a full 10-minute news broadcast, but I mainly just wanted you to see the full open and other graphic elements in it:

Game App

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Contest Promos, Video Samples

The parent company of the TV station I worked at in Springfield, Missouri had a lot of other projects going on.  One of them was an interactive game app.  The concept is pretty neat.  I think this concept has real potential.  But as of right now, it hasn’t launched yet.  Any day now.  Below are a few of the on-air elements we created to promote this app that will hit the air as soon as we are given the “go”.

This one is scheduled to hit the air 10 days before the interactive game show hits the air.  Encouraging people to download the app and get ready.


This one is designed to air just before the show airs, so that people can get their apps open and ready to play along:


This app was going to be used with the syndicated game show, Cash Cab.  But we also produced a test Game Show pilot for it as well.