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Game Show Combo

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Combo Promos
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In the promo, I combined traditional clips from both shows, with custom recorded lines from the game show hosts.   And the direction I took in this promo was to very subtly discredit game shows that target old people (Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy) and play up the fact that these game shows have some adult humor in them.

In the end, it’s a nice spot, that does the trick.


My station in Springfield started using a local personality called the “FOX KRBK Girl”.  We had her at events and making minor announcements on the air.  I wanted to do more with her so she would be more recognizable.  The result was 2 promos below, where we put her in every do situations where she would be in front of the public and try to get them to try out our shows.

This first version, she was playing the part of one of those people you see at Costco or Sam’s where the person tries to get you to sample some food.  In this promo, she is trying to get people “shopping around for a show” to sample one of our conflict talk shows:


In the second version, we put her in a “fast food” setting where it’s common to order a combo.  In this one she recommends the “entertainment combo” that includes 3 of our “hollywood gossip” shows.  We did get the personalities of each show to contribute a line as well:

I kind of compared this series to commercials you see for Progressive with Flo.


This promo is an oldie, but one of my favorites.  The TV station was scheduling MASH & Seinfeld back to back in access.  I had the classic song “War” (by Edwin Starr) stuck in my head, and new we could do something with the main line from the song “War. What is it good for?  Absolutely Nothing!”  Key words being War for MASH and Nothing for Seinfeld.  The producer that I assigned the project, struggled with the idea at first.  But then it clicked and the end result was good.

At the time this promo was produced, Friends & Seinfeld were the hottest shows in syndication.  We needed an idea to promote the combo during the upcoming sweeps.  As most people know, a lot of stunting goes on in the sweeps, and sex/nakedness in promos is usually used.  Keeping that in mind, during a staff brainstorm session, we decided to just come out and just say we are doing a naked stunt, and make a spot using clips from the cast mentioning being naked.  One of our promo producers came up with the slogan “Grin & Bare it”.  Another Promo Producer pulled the clips and put them together.

This is one we got a lot of attention on at award shows, and at Promax, etc.  It inspired us to do a whole series of similar Friends & Seinfeld combos.

I was looking for a new way to promote our late night comedy lineup with a combo spot.  A lot of fast food places were highlighting their late-night drive through windows.  What do you get at a fast food drive-through?  Usually a combo of some sort.  How about a comedy combo?

We found a light box that used to be used for a drive-through and created a menu and inserted it in.   Later, we used this to tie Wendy’s into the promotion and gave out free food for watching the line-up and ran sponsored billboards that reminded people that they still had time to run out and grab a bite from the Wendy’s late-night drive through.


There’s A Comedy for That

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Combo Promos

I wanted to spoof the iPhone “There’s an App for that” commercials. I thought it would be good to tie in our comedies. I think it worked. Here are three versions that ran in equal rotation.




I came up the idea of packaging all of our court shows under the JUSTICE LEAGUE idea, which would also spoof the old Superfriends cartoon.

The first one was setting up the idea, and a direct spoof of the open of the old Superfriends shows.

This second one was the kick off to independent “story” themes that would carry on the campaign idea.