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This is an example of a movie combo style that I like to produce. I personally wrote and edited both of these.




This is a couple spots that promoted the movies we were going to feature in the upcoming ratings sweep period.


This series of promos used the formula of taking 2 or 3 movies that were going to air back-to-back and come up with some unifying theme, then cut a fun promo for it.  Most of these promos are “family safe”.





These next two featured Patrick Swayze movies. These always kind of made me chuckle. I wrote both of them:


This is a quick movie promo that I wrote, and edited. It was to promote the original movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We still had the series on at the time and it was still pretty popular. So I used many TV show references and the TV show them song, and the editing style of the network promos from the TV show to try and get the TV show fans to check the movie out.