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This is a promo for a contest I came up with. I was able to get tickets to be in the studio audience of TWO AND A HALF MEN. I tied it in with a radio station, and have a watch, listen and win. The winners would travel with the radio personalities in a road trip from Albuquerque to Hollywood. We would document the trip along with way with flip video cameras and update the videos on to our website. Fun contest.




Radio Top Model Promo – KWBQ from Chris Iller on Vimeo.

Here is a sample of a partnership we did with a radio station to help promote a new season of one of our programs.

Radio Watch, Listen & Win Promo – KWBQ from Chris Iller on Vimeo.


Radio Station Contest Clue – KWBQ from Chris Iller on Vimeo.

This was a contest I initiated and worked on during my time at The Daily Buzz.  It was designed and custom edited for each of the affiliates around the country that we worked with.

Disney World wanted to highlight their new attraction called “Expedition Everest”, and it would all end up around us doing a live broadcast from the Disney Park.

The promotion got affiliates involved around the country and ended up working pretty good.  It was fun working with the Disney team on this too.

I helped initiate a few promotions with local theme parks that involved bringing in some of stars from our current shows.  One of the theme parks that liked working with me and our station in Orlando, was Sea World.

In this first example, they wanted us to create something fun revolving around their newest attraction.


I pitched bringing in a celebrity, having them do a meet & greet on opening day, plus have them host a few segments during our Sunday morning lineup that highlighted the new attraction.  We partnered up with a local radio station too.


The next one was about a year later, but a similar deal with Sea World.   In this case, it was a Mother’s Day promotion, so we flew out the “mom” from Dawson’s Creek.