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Fox KRBK Sizzle Reel

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Sales Presentations

This video wasn’t specifically made as a Sales Presentation, but it was used for that.  Our station’s FOX affiliation renewal was coming up.  Our owners wanted me to produce a fun video that would show where we were just a short time ago, and where we were heading.  They wanted it to feature video of the managers, and give it a FOX feel.  The goal was to play this video during the talks to show them we were the ideal station in the market to keep the affiliation on.

We were told later that the video was the best “affiliate video they had seen in a long time”.  It must of helped.  They renewed the affiliation.

Back in the day, these were called Sales Tapes.  Actually, I still here people call these Sales Tapes.   But I haven’t put these on tape for close to 10 years.

Each year at the TV stations, we would spend a few long days during the summer to put together a presentation that showed off the station’s new fall lineup.  In some cases these were presented at a Fall Party, where invited clients attended.  In other cases, it was distributed on DVDs, tapes, and now online.

The first sample is one I personally wrote and edited.  I also incorporated in some network segments that were already edited, but put our local station voice in to make it appear to be one solid piece.


This next one was a few years later, and at a different TV station…but very similar. I wrote the script for this, but had somebody else edit it.   Again, this included footage from the network that was already edited down.


This Sales presentation was made and sent out to potential affiliates for our News Magazine Morning show.  I wrote the script for this one, but did not edit it.