We were challenged by the CW network to come up with an event or guerrilla marketing idea to promote the premiere of the new Melrose Place.  Flash Mobs were becoming a new trend, so I decided to initiate one.  The idea was to go to a public event that had a good number of people, populate this event with several volunteers and staff members, all wearing green Melrose Place shirts with premiere info.  At a certain point a signal would be given, and all participants would freeze in place for several minutes.  The hope was that all of these frozen people wearing the shirts would attract attention and people would notice the shirts and read them.  The whole freeze was documented on video.

After the event was over, we wanted to promote it online and maybe get the video to go viral to some extent and help promote the show. In this first video sample, you will see the promo we put on the air to drive people to watch the full video online…


And this next video is the one we posted on our website, and on Facebook.


Would I do this event again?  Yes.  But I would have a larger crowd, and do the freeze longer.  But it was fun, and most of the participants were willing to do something like that again.


One of my latest projects that I thought turned out pretty well, was a long-form paid program for one of our clients that wanted to advertise their 2-day music fest called Northern Invasion.   I coordinated all the details, wrote the script, scheduled the shoots, and had one of my producers put it all together, and I’m currently executing the contest portion of it.


My current station is a CW affiliate.  What’s hot on the CW?  The superhero shows!  We’ve got Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Adventures of Tomorrow.   If you want to go a step further and add some of their other comic book related shows, you’ve got iZombie and Riverdale.

Why not capitalize off this branding and identify the whole station with a “comic book” style look.  We are currently a few stages in, but plan on doing more.  Here are a few examples of things you would see throughout the day, including legal IDs, show combos and line-up spots:


Legal ID

Game Show Combo


Comedy Combo


Menu Lineups

I’ll post additional ones as we get finished with them.

This past year, I helped organize a Car Giveaway promotion, that ended up being awesome.  A local car dealership announced they wanted to do a car giveaway, and wanted a radio partner to give one a way, and a TV partner to give the other away.  I cooked up an idea that they really liked, and our station became the partner.

The concept is fairly simple, but there were a lot of moving elements.  The client was a Mitsubishi dealership, and one of the models they were pushing as the “Lancer”.  One of our hot shows at the moment was season 1 of The Flash.  We got permission to wrap a Lancer with Flash creative, and essentially make it a moving billboard (we had to have the show’s logo, our station logo and the time you could watch it on the wrap).  We wanted the design of the wrap to be something a fan of the show would love to have on their car.

Flash Lancer

We called it, the “Flash Lancer” (get it?  Flash Dancer?  maybe to ’80s of a reference).

This promotion was kind of a “summer promotion”.  It kicked off in May and we would have it parked at several pre-established station promotions and car dealership promotions throughout the summer and tell our viewers to come out to these events and register to win the car in person.  I was also able to get it parked at several other “unplanned” events as well.

Viewers could always enter online, or go down to the dealership to enter as well.

At the end of each of the planned events, we would pick a finalist (which encouraged people to go to those specific events.  In the end there would be 5 finalists, 4 of them from events, and 1 from the internet.Car Locations

We would give the car away to one of those 5 finalists on-the-air during the season premiere of The Flash in early October.

The FlashThe even kicked off with the car making an appearance at Wizard World Comic Con at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  But we were also given the opportunity to drive it into the Mall of America‘s Rotunda for a “Kick off the Con” event the night before.

At the Wizard World Comic Con, we encouraged people to get a picture of the car with them in it and use the hashtag #RBmitsuFlashLancer to get free Flash Swag.  You can find the Twitter feed of those hashtags here.

At most of these events, we had a local cosplay person dress up in a custom made “Flash” costume to greet the fans of the show.

One of the pre-planned events included two “Test Drive” events, where we encouraged viewers to come down to the dealership and test drive any car (including the Flash Lancer) get entered to win the car, and get free Flash swag, as well as ending up in a TV commercial

After the Test Drive Events were over, we would air a commercial that “thanked” everybody for coming out to the event.  Of course, we also posted these on Social Media, and tagged everybody, including the client.  That made sure this promotion was sure to be seen by even more people.

At the end of the Summer, we gather all 5 finalists and shot some video with them, and went over the rules for the final event.  We then aired this promo leading up to the announcement.

The final event went very well.  It wasn’t live, but it was shot a few hours before it aired.  We were able to squeeze it in just before the Season premiere started during the end break of the access show.  Local inventory was tight during the premiere.

This ended up being a really good promotion for the station, and the client loved it and they hope to do another one of these with us.  Maybe a Supergirl Car?  They ended up cutting the radio car giveaway short, and loved ours because “it had legs” and gave them almost 6 months of promotional exposure.

One of the neat things that happened after the promotion was over that put a nice neat little bow on it was what the winner did with his car.  He registered himself as a Uber Driver, and gave himself a Twitter Handle.  Now he drives the car around town as a taxi service, and continues to promote the show.  Sweet!

There are many more details to this promotion I didn’t go into here.  But if you want to see the presentation or know more about it, just let me know.




In Spring of 2016, the CW launched a “limited event” series called Containment, that focused on an outbreak and a city that was quarantined.  To help promote the premiere, we partnered up with a local bar in the downtown area.  During the after work happy hour, when the place was packed, I sent in our TV hosts in hazmat suits to pass out little bottles of hand-sanitizer lotion with the Containment logo on them (provided by the CW) and posters announcing the premiere day and time.

The video is silent.  But you get the gist.  People were wondering what was going on until they got to them.  It sparked some conversation between the hosts and the patrons.  Most smiled and acknowledged them and did look over the poster.

All in all, it was a very fun and non-intrusive way to get the word out.  As you can see below, the show launched well in my market.

Containment Overnight














The TV station I currently work at has entered the annual CW Network’s Apex awards in the “Model Affiliate” category.  Here is our video submission:

Light Rail Ads

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Unusual Ads

In the fall of 2015, while working for the CW affiliate in the Twin Cities area, I was contacted by a company called Intersection that was installing a bunch of ad display units on the light rail platforms.  The ads were about 15-seconds each and were silent.

We ran ads supporting our Monday & Tuesday prime time lineups (CW’s priority nights at the time) and we received co-op money from the network in support.  They started going up in November, and installation was complete by January 1st.  It’s hard to say if they had a direct impact on our ratings, but I like any added exposure in settings like this.  I think when the public is exposed to your shows in settings like this, it just ads credibility to the programs being supported.  I thought they looked nice and would consider them again.