Below is a list of people who have recommended me.  I have listed the title they had when we worked together.  Most have moved on to other positions.  I have linked each name to their LinkedIn profile, in case you want to contact any of them directly.

Paul Windish
General Manager, KRBK
“One of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met!”

Julie Stutz
Senior Production Producer, KWBQ & KASY
“I worked for Chris at KWBQ & KASY. He was one of the best Creative Service Directors I’ve ever worked for. His ideas were always out of the box and pushed the envelope, but were ingenious and got us noticed! He was always the first one in and last one to leave and was very dedicated to the station and his work! I learned a lot working for him and would def work for him again! he taught me so much and my work benefited from it! Any station would be lucky to have him!!”

Tara Walch
Production Manager, KWBQ & KASY
“I have enjoyed working for Chris since the get go. He has given me room to be creative and lead my own projects, he has an eagles eye for quality production and is always game for coming up with an innovative idea. The quality of design and production in Creative Services are stronger because his standards don’t falter, even when deadlines are tight. He has genuine concern for his employees and is always professional. I would recommend Chris, he is innovative, he is a mentor and creativity flourishes under his direction.”

Dave Ward
Director of Programming & Promotion – WKCF
“Chris is a talented and professional promotion and program executive. I had the pleasure of working with Chris for many years and he was never short of awesome. He was my go-to guy and I never had to concern myself that something would fall through the cracks if I was out or traveling. I would highly recommend Chris for any position and would gladly hire him again if I have the opportunity.”

Dan Marchese
“Chris was instrumental in the #1 position WBDT enjoyed over the years. Through his creative approach to all aspects of his position the company benefited both from increased sales, as he worked with the sales department, and the ratings increases through his station promotions. He left for a short while to go back to Florida with his family but rejoined the company in Albuquerque. I transferred to Albuquerque as GSM as well and was lucky enough to work with Chris again. His single most important contribution is to be able to work with AE’s and advertisers on promotional ideas that generate revenue. Secondly, he is able to work with everybody at the station in an easy- going manner which is paramount to his accomplishments. Chris’s main mission is to make money for the company, but rarely turns down an idea. More often, he massages it and makes it work for all parties concerned. In addition, Chris is well tuned in to the present. He is keenly aware, and uses, all social networking and social media sights for the station and its clients. From Facebook, to station web sites, twitter and LinkedIn, Chris uses them all. A great person, a great asset to any prospective employer.”

Linda Kahn
The Ohlmann Group
“I have known Chris for a period of over 10 years. My company has had the pleasure on working on his behalf not once but twice. TOG has purchased media on his behalf as creative director at different stations, in different markets. His professionalism, organizational skills, creativity and knowledge have always made our job easier. He is warm and very personable. You really know someone when you work with them. He always has made us feel like an extension of his team. He is open, honest, with unquestionable character and integrity which makes a partner strive to do their very best. He has our utmost respect for the job he’s done. I have always personally and professionally valued our relationship. He has been a delightful client for many years. He would be a valued member of any organization.”

Paul Rusch
Senior Producer, KWBQ & KASY
“I worked with Chris for almost 5 years and he is one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. He is hard working but easy to work with. Chris was very good about listening to others and receptive to opinions and ideas. I appreciate his standards for demanding excellent on air content and never sacrificing quality. I would be very happy to work with Chris again someday!”

Laura Cowan
Vice President – Media Director, Rick Johnson & Company
“Chris is great – he always comes to meetings with ideas that will raise viewership of his programming, and give great exposure to my clients.  He is inventive, detailed, and truly works with whatever team to ensure great results.  On top of all that, he’s really a fun guy!  Even the tough projects seem a little easier when working with Chris and his team.  I highly recommend him to other clients and media folks looking for a great partnership for promotions.”

Brooke Daley
Account Executive, KWBQ & KASY
“Chris, has been wonderful to work with over the past 5 years. There has been no project to tough for him to accomplish. He is an extremely hard worker and is able to come up with creative ideas for promotions on a short schedule. It is normal to see Chris working from sun up to sun set. He doesn’t stop working. He also just recently won an Emmy for his “Keep it Local” promotional campaign for the station. He would be a great asset to any company.”

Brian Mercer
Research & Sales Marketing Director, WBDT
“Chris can be described in one word. . .creative. He has the unique talent to always have something creative up his sleeve and is never afraid of trying something new or different. Chris is excellent with clients and fellow employees. He can recognize when something will work and when it might not. Chris is someone I still bounce ideas off of to get feedback.”

Jamie Holmes
Vice-President/Promotion, ACME
“Chris is a talented and creative marketing professional. His overall vision combined with a keen eye for detail result in marketing ideas coming to life in unique and powerful ways. Most importantly, Chris is passionate about television and media in general. His love for all things entertainment mean that the marketing project at hand will reach consumers in a fun and impactful way that is memorable and polished.”

Melanie Simon
National Sales Manager, WBDT
“Chris was one of the best creative promotions director’s because he had the amazing ability to come up with the most unique promotions to get viewers talking and tuning in.”

Melanie Jones
SVP Media Strategies, The WB Television Network
“Chris is a very creative hard working executive. He never says can’t and will always try to find a way to make things work. He is smart, detail oriented and never fails to add a little humor to things. Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Bob Evorik
Creative Services Producer, WBDT
“While at WBDT Chris was always trying to push the envelope. He was doing guerilla marketing campaigns before guerilla marketing became popular. His broad knowledge of the production process made him very easy to work with. Very smart, very creative, all around good guy.”

Mathew Imregi
Senior Promotions Producer, WCKF
“Chris was an outstanding boss. He really made a huge impact in the early part of my career by setting clear guidelines that helped me grow as a writer and producer, but affording me a great deal of freedom within those boundaries. I always felt comfortable coming to Chris with new ideas, to get help on assignments or question something we were doing, and I could always count on him to talk something through with me — I didn’t always get my way, but I never got shut down either. His focus was always on the audience experience first, his commitment to the quality of the product, and the work always had to satisfy those ideals. To this day, I don’t think I know anyone as passionate about television and entertainment as Chris. He’d be a great asset to anyone whose goal is to win and keep an audience.”

Jenny Marvin
My50-TV VJ (On-Air Personality), KASY-TV
“Chris always brought energy and unique ideas to the table and was always looking out for his staff’s best interests.  He is great at writing copy points, scheduling and organizing multiple commercial shoots in a day, and motivating the people around him.  I highly recommend Chris as an intelligent, self-starting individual whom would be a great asset to any company.”

Sherri Blank
Station Services Manager, WKCF
“Chris was an excellent Promotions Manager at WKCF-TV. His creativity was continually recognized both locally and nationally. He paid great attention to detail to ensure only the highest quality work represented our station. He was also a pleasure to work with and all his employees enjoyed the sense of humor he displayed.”

David Reagan
Owner of Red Rocket Creative Group
“Chris was great to work with – we worked great as a team. His communication, direction and feedback helped create a superior product at WKCF. Tried to hire him!”

Chris Wolf
Dir of Programming, Creative Services and Operations, WKCF
“Every now and then a manager makes a hire and works long enough to see that individual thrive and prove the hire wise and mutually beneficial. That is Chris. Fun, creative, wry..and a good guy to the core. Any company would do well with Chris on their side.”

Paul Ryan
Host, Walt Disney World
“Chris is a dedicated hard worker who is always professional. He brings a focus and commitment to any job, with a great attention to all the details. He would be a big asset to any job or team.”

Andrew Garick
Attractions Operator, Walt Disney World
“Chris was an excellent employee at the Disney MGM studios. He went well beyond his duties to ensure the best experience for both the tourists and his fellow coworkers.”

Rooney Panzella
Attractions Operator, Walt Disney World
“Chris was a staple at Disney-MGM Studios.  His work was professional through and through and he was respected by everyone for his knowledge and dedication to his part. It would be an honor to “serve” with him again if I could ever get the chance.”

Scott Feneck
Attractions Operator, Walt Disney World
“Chris had a solid knowledge of the industry and was always ready to help colleagues.”

Meko Taylor
Production Manager/Director, The Daily Buzz
“Chris Iller has always been a positive and delightful man to work with. His creativity gave “The Daily Buzz” the edge we needed at the time to compete with more established morning shows. I would be thrilled to have the chance to work with Chris again. Meko Taylor Director/Production Manager”

Andrew Gill
Video Coordinator, The Daily Buzz
“I worked with Chris for two years at the Daily Buzz. He is innovative, creative, flexible and relentlessly professional. He is technically well rounded blending skills in production, web production, and subscription campaigns. His sense of humor, business acumen and team spirit make him the ideal colleague in any roll.”


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