WUCW-TV  (2014 – present)

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
(Sinclair Broadcast Group)

I am overseeing Promotions & Production.  I am helping initiate a complete production facility makeover to our studio facility.  I also helped re-institute an old classic New Year’s Eve tradition/TV Special that the station hadn’t done since the ’80s.  Launching the #whatCWmeans2me campaign.

KRBK-TV  (2013 – 2014)

Springfield, Missouri
(Koplar Communications International)

I started off as the Marketing Director, just overseeing Promotions when I started.  A few months later I was handed the Production Department, and officially received the title of Creative Services Director again. Before my first year was up, I was also handling some of the Programming duties of the station.  This station one of the newest stations in the country.  It also recently became the markets FOX affiliate after Nexstar lost the FOX affiliation on one of their local stations.  This station was in the very early stages of launching News for the first time. We also picked up Me-TV on air secondary channel, and I helped launch that.

ACME TELEVISION  (2001 – 2012)

KWBQ/KASY in Albuquerque, NM

I oversaw Programming, Promotions & Production for several ACME TV stations.

ACME Timeline:
July 2011
– Assumed Program Management duties for WBUW, until the station was sold in February 2012.
August 2010
–Assumed Promotion & Production duties for WBUW, until the station was sold in February 2012.
July 2010
– Program Management duties for KWBQ/KASY were added to my job description.
March 2006
– Transferred to Albuquerque to become Creative Services Director for KWBQ/KASY
August 2004
– Transferred to Orlando to become Marketing Director of THE DAILY BUZZ
Responsibilities included starting the first Marketing Department from scratch for this national syndicated morning show.   This included all promotional campaigns and all Affiliate Relation activities.
September 2001 – Accepted role of Creative Services Director in Dayton at WBDT
Established station as top ranking WB Affiliate in country.  Responsibilities included staffing & overseeing Promotion & Production departments.

WKCF-TV  (1994 – 2001)

WKCF in Orlando, Florida
(Asbury Park Press Inc. / Press Communications LLC / Emmis Communications)

WKCF Timeline:
March 1996
– Accepted the role of Promotion Manager
Established station as top ranking WB Affiliate in country.  Designed and launched station’s first website.  Oversaw station image overhaul.

February 1995– Accepted the role of Promotion Producer
August 1994
– Accepted the role of Master Control Operator


Sony’s “Seinfeld” Advisory Board – I have served on this board twice.  Sony invited me to help brainstorm ideas on how to promote the show to the next generation of viewers.

WB Network Promotion Advisory Board – Served for three consecutive years as one of the committee members.

Sony’s “Just Shoot Me” Advisory Board – Sony invited me to help brainstorm ideas regarding the syndicated launch of the show.

Other Work
Before I jumped into the world of local Television, I did some freelance work on the Production side of things, as well as run my own wedding video business, and some work at the happiest place on earth.

Freelance jobs:
MTV’s Remote Control – Cue Cards
During the third season of this comedic TV Trivia Game Show, the production moved it’s operation from New York City to Orlando, Florida and taped the entire season at the Disney/MGM Studios.  I assisted the Prize Coordinator distribute prizes to the contestants.  And during show time, I was in charge of the cue cards.

MTV’s Spring Break (1989 – 1991)
For 3 consecutive years, I was asked to help the MTV crew from New York as they descended on Daytona Beach for their annual Spring Break Festivities.  I was officially a Production Assistant, although I did many things.  I started off doing cue-cards, then moved on to help build sets, recruit people to be in segments, then ended up assisting the talent coordinator with the visiting celebrities (getting them out to the set when they were ready to shoot, getting them to the airport, etc.)

The Adventures of Superboy (1988 – 1989)
During the first 13 episodes of this syndicated series about the college years of Superman, I was a Production Assistant.  I mainly helped out in the Production Office, and also picked up and delivered the guest stars when they came into town.

Parenthood (1989)
I did some minor Production Assistant work on this feature film, starring Steve Martin.  I mainly helped out on a couple nights during a race car scene, where they needed a large crowd.  To handle the large crowd, they needed some extra PAs.  So they called on me.

Continental Homes
Fresh out of College, my first official job was producing videos for a local home / community builder.   I was their Production Manager, and made sales presentations for potential clients/buyers, as well as instructional videos for employees.

Renaissance Man Productions
This was my side business, where I mainly produced a wedding videos for couples.

Walt Disney World Resort
Disney MGM Studios (now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
Tour Guide / Operations Host (1990 – 1995)
Food Vendor / Outdoor Foods (1989 – 1990)

Epcot Center
Food Vendor / Outdoor Foods (1982 – 1989)


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