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Game Show Combo

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Combo Promos
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In the promo, I combined traditional clips from both shows, with custom recorded lines from the game show hosts.   And the direction I took in this promo was to very subtly discredit game shows that target old people (Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy) and play up the fact that these game shows have some adult humor in them.

In the end, it’s a nice spot, that does the trick.


This was a fun contest I did a few years back that would still work today with the right prizing and tie it into Family Feud.  The questions all came from the home version of the game.  The initial idea was to create something local that locals could participate in but be tied to our national show.  Make it fun.  Who doesn’t want to play Family Feud on TV for big prizes?

As a Sweeps Stunt, we were trying to grow our access block and decided to give away iphones and Visa Gift Cards.  But this could easily be turned into a client for an added value promotion for additional prizes (Hardee’s food vouchers, tickets to the zoo, etc).  This was a month long promotion.  We would pre-shoot a bunch of contestants playing the game and edit the best ones.

On the air, each week, we would schedule 9 videos of people who played but didn’t win the grand prize, and then we would also play 1 video of a person that did.

The first stage was to recruit contestants:

Once a week, we would set aside some time to shoot a bunch of them.  We would mainly keep going until we got a winner.  We would usually have enough videos of other contestants who didn’t win to fill in the rest of the on-air slots.  But just in case, we were prepared to give away a two iPhones each of those days.

Here is a person that didn’t win the iPhone but got enough answers to get a cash prize:


And here are a couple people that didn’t get enough answers: