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We were challenged by the CW network to come up with an event or guerrilla marketing idea to promote the premiere of the new Melrose Place.  Flash Mobs were becoming a new trend, so I decided to initiate one.  The idea was to go to a public event that had a good number of people, populate this event with several volunteers and staff members, all wearing green Melrose Place shirts with premiere info.  At a certain point a signal would be given, and all participants would freeze in place for several minutes.  The hope was that all of these frozen people wearing the shirts would attract attention and people would notice the shirts and read them.  The whole freeze was documented on video.

After the event was over, we wanted to promote it online and maybe get the video to go viral to some extent and help promote the show. In this first video sample, you will see the promo we put on the air to drive people to watch the full video online…


And this next video is the one we posted on our website, and on Facebook.


Would I do this event again?  Yes.  But I would have a larger crowd, and do the freeze longer.  But it was fun, and most of the participants were willing to do something like that again.


In Spring of 2016, the CW launched a “limited event” series called Containment, that focused on an outbreak and a city that was quarantined.  To help promote the premiere, we partnered up with a local bar in the downtown area.  During the after work happy hour, when the place was packed, I sent in our TV hosts in hazmat suits to pass out little bottles of hand-sanitizer lotion with the Containment logo on them (provided by the CW) and posters announcing the premiere day and time.

The video is silent.  But you get the gist.  People were wondering what was going on until they got to them.  It sparked some conversation between the hosts and the patrons.  Most smiled and acknowledged them and did look over the poster.

All in all, it was a very fun and non-intrusive way to get the word out.  As you can see below, the show launched well in my market.

Containment Overnight