Tools I Use

This is a list of the tools I have been trained on, and either currently use or have used in the past, and the level of expertise I would assign to each.  I’m putting them in the order that I usually get asked.

Most of my hands on editing experience is with Final Cut Pro.  I have not had my hands on Final Cut X at all.  Just 7 and earlier.  The last two stations I was at converted from Final Cut to Premiere.  Even though I haven’t personally edited with Premiere, I get the basics.  But usually I hire producers and editors to do the work I assign.  I do have a copy of Final Cut at home that I play around with too.  Even though I wouldn’t classify myself as an expert on this, it would only take a week or so of delving into it to put me in the class of other editors out there working, and a month or two to get me to an expert level.

I love Photoshop, and I would put myself in or near the expert level.  I’m sure there are a few tricks I can still learn.

After Effects
I have used it.  But it’s been awhile.  I just haven’t had the need personally to use it when my staff is hired to do so.  So what I’m saying here is, if I had to use it in a project, I would probably need a refresher training session and then a good week of working on samples to get me up to a comfortable level.

I can shoot.  No worries there.  I’ve always thought it was silly to ask which cameras you have worked with (maybe not if my sole job was camera man).  Give me a quick tour of the camera, and I’ll be able to use it immediately.

I’ve worked with Broadcast Interactive (BIM) websites in the past.  I’m currently in the process of switching my current station’s website over to Word Press, which is what I used for my demo site (the one you are reading right now).  I know enough HTML coding to put me in the average category.  I can build a page and even a site.  I know other tricks and tools out there to update sites, and pages.

Social Media
It may seem silly to say you are an expert at working Facebook & Twitter, but there are a lot of tools you can use and put on your website to integrate them together, and ways to hyperlink and tag, etc.  I can do all of that.  It’s constantly changing an updating, so I’m sure I don’t know everything.  But I know a lot.  I have also used Google Plus, Pinterest, TV Tag and FourSquare.

I’ve used the following third party apps to help execute online promotions: Aptivada, and Second Street.  I really like Second Street.  I’ve attended one of their Promotional Summit meetings in St. Louis in 2014.  I know how to pull reports, and create materials to be scheduled, etc.  I’ve also used Enterprise and another one, that I can’t think of right at the moment.

I have used Constant Contact in the past, but  currently use iContact,  Either one was easy to use for me.  I like the features and social media interactions of iContact.  I’ve mastered these tools.

Traffic Systems
I currently use Wide Orbit.  I used it primarily since 2004.  Before that I had used Columbine & Enterprise.  It’s part of my normal daily duty to fill the daily log’s promotional inventory.  I know how to pull reports, and create materials to be scheduled, etc.  I’ve also used Enterprise and another one, that I can’t think of right at the moment.

I know the common software packages out there: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  And even though I always think it’s silly to list this, but everybody seems to, I do know how to work Windows, Apple OS, an office phone, and a fax machine.


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